Story Up at Bartleby Snopes – The Paperboy has arrived!

After three years of searching for a home, The Paperboy has found one thanks to Nathaniel Tower and the editorial staff at Bartleby Snopes.

This is my second story placed with them, the first was The Return of the Lone Ranger.

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Also, should you feel inclined to participate in the voting (Bartleby Snopes conducts voting each month for favorite story) the “polls” open on May 23rd.

Don’t forget… my Word Riot story Flame is coming soon! Stay tuned for the link.

Another story accepted by Bartleby Snopes!

Nathaniel Tower, editor of Bartleby Snopes made me a happy woman today by accepting another story from me.

Last year he published The Return of the Lone Ranger, a flash fiction piece. This time around, the piece he accepted is The Paperboy, a story near and dear to me. The Paperboy is a “longer” short story (it’s NOT flash fiction kids, yay!) I wrote the first draft of The Paperboy in 2009. After countless re-writes and refinements, it’s finally found a home with Bartleby Snopes.

The Paperboy will be published in May and I’m so happy about it. I feel validated in some way because I never gave up on this story, and kept at it year after year.

I’ll post the link here when I get it – permanent link goes onto the … wait for it … Published Stories page!


Two New Stories Published!

Hi all, I’m back from my trip to Mexico, and I will have numerous postings and pictures to share – BUT – in the meantime while I was away, I’ve had two new stories that had been accepted for publication get put up on their respective online journal sites.

I’d love to know what you may think of them, PLEASE FEEL FREE to leave comments here on either of the stories.

The first story is a flash fiction piece called The Return of the Lone Ranger, published by Bartleby Snopes. This story is a kind of snapshot character study, and a bit of a melancholic homage to the kinds of innocent shows that were on television in the 1950’s and 60’s.

The second story is also flash fiction. Lancaster has been published by Halfway Down the Stairs.  I have visited the city of Lancaster, PA many times, and it is nothing like the Amish farming community nearby. It is more gritty and urban. In the center of Lancaster you will find an art school, and there are many art galleries sprinkled around the downtown area. This story is about a man who comes in contact with a free spirited artist, and what happens as a result.

Thanks for reading!!

Two Stories Accepted for September 2011 publication!

I wanted to share that I have had two more stories accepted for publication!!

Halfway Down the Stairs has accepted a flash fiction story entitled Lancaster for publication in their September 2011 issue.

Bartleby Snopes (edited by Nathaniel Tower) has accepted another flash piece entitled The Return of the Lone Ranger for September 2011 publication on the website.

Very exciting news!  Of course I will send out links to the stories once they are published AND I will post permanent links on my “Published Stories” page.

Thanks to everyone who has been reading my stories and to the editors who said yes to my work!!