New Story Accepted by Prick of the Spindle!

I’m privileged to write these words: Cynthia Reeser, editor of Prick of the Spindle, has accepted my short story The Lottery Winners for publication!

I wrote The Lottery Winners last year, and it’s been making the rounds since September 2011. I’m so glad it found such a great home.

Most of the pieces I write and place are flash fiction, but not so with this one – it’s a short story – nearly 2000 words. I love the characters in this story.

Also, if you’ve been reading my posts about the four stories (including this one) that have been accepted within the last week, please don’t think this is typical for me. It’s not. I’ve never been hit with this much good publishing news at the same time. It’s overwhelming…like a candy store where I’m tasting every jelly bean in the place.

Cynthia says the story will appear in the next issue, so as soon as it’s released…well, you know.

Thanks. 🙂

New Story Accepted by Dogzplot!

April has been a fortuitous month for me, and I’m proud to announce a second piece of my work will appear in Dogzplot.

The flash piece, 200 words as per Dogzplot’s submission guidelines, is called Lemon Poppy Seed Cake. It’s different than other pieces I’ve written, a new direction in my work I’m enjoying.

As soon as the issue of Dogzplot is released I’ll publish the link.


Story accepted by Metazen!

Well, it seems it’s happened again folks. A story has been accepted for publication! This time, the great news was communicated by Christopher Allen, one of the editors of Metazen.

They have accepted Baby Crazy, a story that got a lot of “hmmm, interesting concept” comments by other editorial folk, until it made the permanent love connection with Metazen. (Cue Barry Manilow’s Ready to Take a Chance Again…)

As soon as the story goes up, I’ll do the needful posting of the link, putting it on the Published Stories page, rending of the garments, blood sacrifices, ya know, the usual…

New Story Accepted by Dozplot!

Hi everyone, good news! Barry Graham, the editor of Dogzplot, accepted my flash fiction piece Mice for the journal.

The piece should be up on the site by the end of this week. I’ll post later with a link, and then as usual a permanent link will go on the Published Stories page.

I’ve been sending Barry submissions for several months, so I’m happy I’ve reached the Dogzplot promised land.


Stories Accepted for publication: Blink Ink!

I’m extremely pleased to announce that Doug Mathewson, Blink Ink editor has accepted a pair of micro-fiction pieces (Blink Ink publishes 50 word stories…) for the Spring 2012 issue.

Quick story on how my submission came about:

For the Right Hand Pointing “Cities” issue Dale Wisely (Right Hand Pointing editor) asked the writers to proof-read the issue prior to publication. It turns out Blink Ink editor Doug Mathewson and I both have pieces appearing in that issue coming any moment now in December. I hadn’t visited the Blink Ink site before, but Doug’s story in RHP made me curious.

I checked out the Blink Ink site and I was intrigued by the challenge of a 50 word story that was self-contained. I’ve learned that micro-fiction can be extremely challenging to write, but I enjoy it. My inspiration for the pair of pieces was familial in nature and highly personal, which resonated with Doug and for that I am grateful.

But you’ll have to wait until Spring 2012 to find out what I wrote! Of course I’ll publish a link to the stories here, along with a permanent link on the Published Stories page.

Story Accepted for Publication: Short, Fast and Deadly!

I’m very proud to announce Short, Fast and Deadly has accepted a piece titled White Meat for their January 2012 issue.  As usual, I will post a link on the blog once the story has been published.

Their January issue is themed, with all prose pieces taking their first four words from the first four words of a famous poem. (And all poems will take their first four words from a famous prose piece.)

I selected The Red Wheelbarrow by William Carlos Williams as my inspiration. Here is the original poem by Williams, but you’ll have to wait until January to read my piece in S,F&D!


The Red Wheelbarrow

so much depends

a red wheel

glazed with rain

beside the white

Story Accepted by PANK Magazine!

I am thrilled and honored to announce my work has been accepted for publication by PANK Magazine!

This will be the first story of mine to appear in PANK; I’m so excited. PANK Magazine represents the best of cutting edge fiction and I’m a huge fan of Roxane Gay, the amazing editor.

The story, The Price of Luxury, is slated to appear in the February 2012 issue.

As I normally do, a link will be posted to the blog when the story appears, and a permanent link will also appear on the Published Stories page too.