Blog Fiction Collection

For the convenience of my readers, this is a collection of creative works I have self published on my blog.



Pangea – “We met 250 million years ago…”

Love In Reverse – “Before they kissed for the first time…”

Traveler’s Journey – audio reading available “Hortense looked up and saw a mottled brown mutt on her porch. She turned the porch light on to get a better look.”

Let Us Go Then – “At my age I’m just a claw let out of my cage.”

Meat – “A wrinkled housewife asks the butcher if there’s a sale…”

Graduation Day – “At the Lincoln Memorial she cried at the feet of the great leader…”

Jacob’s Beard – “I’ve never been as heart-sick as the day I shaved Jacob’s beard.”

I Like You Zapata – “We had to concede that to them, because we all knew Hemingway was famous for his bad ass mambo…”

Blues Man – “Eddie Brown sat in a wooden chair with a beat up acoustic guitar over his knee, tapping his foot to the ancient rhythms of the blues.”

A Man and His Dog – “Men and dogs have been sitting by fires together for thousands of years…”



Consider the Pomegranate – audio reading also available


Quarter Time

She Took To Her Bed



The Car of Your Dreams

Call Me Pookie

Not a Hundred Dollar Day



Reasons Why Your Short Story Was Rejected – “Dear Writer…”

PBS NewsHour coverage of the 42nd Republican Debate – Jim, Gwen, Mark and David

Kittens! – Pictures of small furry creatures versus potato chips

Girl’s Guide to Living With a Sports Fan – “Baseball, on the other hand, is played outside on a green field called a diamond. This will also be easy to remember.”

What Upper West Siders Did During the Hurricane – “Complain that there was not enough flooding during the hurricane, not even downtown in Battery Park where it’s unfashionable to live.”

Reasons Why Fran Lebowitz Has Writer’s Block – “Kids don’t know about Erica Jong, Gloria Steinem, Stonewall or mood rings.”

Funniest Tweets Ever!

A Fairytale NYC Style – Pulled pork sandwiches can save lives.

New Jersey’s Cultural Zenith: The Diner – “You can go anywhere else in the United States, and they don’t understand how to DO a diner like New Jersey.”

Steal Team 5.99 Goes Shopping

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