Announcing the new Carol Deminski Productions website!

Hi All!

I have put together a website to make it easy for people to find me if they are looking to hire a Jazz/Blues band!

Please check out!

On the website you can find a Contact Page; music videos; a show calendar; photos and bios of some of the musicians who play in my bands; a produced events page, and more!


Take a look at the “Shows” calendar page for a list of events, beginning with the next available show. Right now, it shows my event for tomorrow night at the top!

Carol Deminski Productions - shows.JPG

Click on the graphic on the left side, for the event poster, so you see the whole thing… it looks like this!


On the “Shows” page I hope you’ll notice I’ve gotten into creating a poster for each gig I’m doing. Some of them are very colorful.

On March 5th, I’ll be playing a Sunday Brunch event at Ocean Place Resort & Spa, in Long Branch, NJ. That hotel is located on the beach, and the restaurant has a beautiful view of the ocean, so I chose a watery ocean themed poster style.


When you check out the site, if you want to reach me, feel free to use the Contact form!

If you know of someone who is looking for a high quality Jazz/Blues band, I’d appreciate any referrals too. It’s always tough, when getting started, to build an audience and I can use all of the friend-referrals I can get!

Thanks, and I hope you like the new site!

Continued Success for Singer Celebration!


One of the popular events I host each month is Singer Celebration. I’ve written about it on this blog elsewhere, but I thought I’d mention that there is a big Holiday Edition of this event coming up this Saturday night.

Details: Singer Celebration, Sat, Dec 17th, DLV Lounge, 300 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ. 9pm to midnight. SINGERS are welcome to come and sing a favorite Jazz, Blues or Holiday tune with my swingin’ band! It’s a great opportunity to meet lots of other singers from the area.

And if you are interested in live music performances in New Jersey, please look at my Facebook page: @CarolDeminskiProductions. There you will find a list of events.

Another place you can find more information is Carol Deminski Productions. I have music videos, photos, along with other tasty goodies you will enjoy!

We will continue on with Singer Celebration in 2017 too….

For the January Show, we will have an amazing Featured Jazz Vocalist!


For the February Show, our Featured Vocalist will be a fabulous Blues singer!




Photos from Singer Celebration, Aug 27th

Singer Celebration collage - Aug 27

Top Left – Right: John Bianchi (v); Michael Mittelsdorf (d); Jim Bogle & Erez Lirov (t) … Middle L – R: Joy Elaine Foster (v); Me & the band; Jackie Johnson (v) …………………… Bottom L-R: Amanda Benjamin (v); Michelle DiBlasi (v) and Patricia Walton (v)



I’m happy to report that the August 27th Singer Celebration was a success. We had 11 singers, including me and our featured singer, John Bianchi. John did a wonderful job playing clarinet and singing 3 tunes including his original composition “I’m Going Back to My Dreams” (which he started off by playing a ukulele introduction – so charming!)

I started us out with a Dixieland theme on I Ain’t Gonna Give Nobody None of My Jelly Roll, followed by Exactly Like You. We continued the theme all night, with John singing ‘Deed I Do in the first set, his original tune in the second set, and I Have a Feeling I’m Falling in the third.

Our first guest singer, Cliff Walston, sang Dexter Gordon’s Cheesecake, with lyrics he wrote,  based on Cliff’s experience of seeing Dexter play in Europe. Cliff always adds so much to these evenings by sharing his amazing life experiences with us.

Cliff Walston

The parade of singers continued all night, with me and John singing in every set, while 3 new guest singers came up and sang one song each, within each set. That worked out very conveniently to 11 singers!

Another observation from the evening was the incredible audience. Sometimes people tend to leave in the third set, as it gets later, but that was not the case this time. Not only did we maintain a full house all night, people continued to sit at the bar after the show ended! To me means they were enjoying themselves so much they didn’t want to go.

One person told me that they felt like they were in New Orleans during the show; another couple who dropped in for a drink and hadn’t been aware of the show, wound up staying all night, clapping for every singer, and taking photos and videos.

The band was truly amazing. They played enthusiastically all night! My house band is a group of 7, keyboard, bass, drums, guitar, trumpet, trombone and saxophone. With our featured vocalist sitting in with clarinet, brought us up to 8. Then, somewhere in the second set, a trumpet playing friend showed up and sat in for the rest of the night, bringing the house band up to 9 players … with an awesome 5 piece front line, and a solid 4 piece rhythm section.

With this kind of playing power, the guys were able to stretch out in each set on instrumentals: Jubilee; It Don’t Mean a Thing If It Ain’t Got that Swing; and Ain’t Misbehavin’ … because who doesn’t love Fats Waller?

To bring the evening to a close, I sang my favorite finale piece, St. Louis Blues, a W.C. Handy tune made famous by Bessie Smith.

Considering the appreciative audience, the support by the singer community, and my terrific band – without which none of this is possible – we are going to do another Singer Celebration on October 15th, at the same location, the DLV Lounge in Montclair, NJ, from 9pm to midnight.

The October 15th event will be an experiment for me, because I’m going to make it a Jazz & Blues mash-up. My Featured Vocalist (to be announced on the PUBLIC Facebook invite soon…) is a Blues singer, and between the two of us, we will provide the thematic foundation for this next event.

I hope to see you there!

Singer Celebration - DLV - Oct 15 2016

Singer Celebration – Aug 27th

It’s getting to be that time again, for another Singer Celebration event at the DLV Lounge in Montclair, NJ. On Aug 27th, I’ll be hosting this end-of-Summer get together for jazz singers and musicians!

Saturday, August 27th, from 9pm-12M, DLV Lounge, 300 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ.

Carol and The Little Jazz Birds - DLV band regulars

I’m happy to say that the band that’s been playing at these events (since March) has had a lot of the same players. This time, we’ll have most of the same guys back again, including Steve Johnson – trombone, JJ Bell – tenor sax, Jim Bogle – trumpet, Michael Mittelsdorf – drums, Jon Boudrot – guitar (and this time, also ukulele) and Billy Carrion Jr. – bass.

Ahh, but who will be on the keyboard? I’m glad you asked! We will be fortunate to have the talented Max Marshall, who you may also sometimes find playing keys at Cleopatra’s Needle in Manhattan.

Max Marshall on piano

But, if you know the Singer Celebration program, you also know there is usually a featured singer. And this coming show is no different. I’m proud to announce that John Bianchi will be not just our featured vocalist for the evening, he will also be on the bandstand playing clarinet for the night … bringing our amazing bandstand to a whopping 8 players.

John Bianchi by Barney Bishop

Not only can John sing and play clarinet, he also plays saxophone, guitar and as you see in this photo, he rocks a mean ukulele too. As you might imagine for someone so talented, John also writes his own songs, and on show night he will perform “I’m Going Back to My Dreams” one of his original compositions. (I have heard him sing this piece, so trust me when I say you will not want to miss his charming performance!)

And what, if anything, is still missing for show night?

YOU, that’s what!

There are so many talented jazz singers that have come through to perform during these events, I’m very grateful to have all of you participate! I’m hoping to see some folks that have been supporters from the beginning (you know who you are!) as well as some new faces too!

Please join us, Saturday, August 27th, from 9pm-12 midnight … DLV Lounge, 300 Bloomfield Ave, Montclair, NJ.

The DLV doesn’t charge a cover, although our hard working band appreciates tips.

Hope to see you there!

July 16 Singer Celebration A Success!

I held the third Singer Celebration event at the DLV this past Saturday night, and we had 9 singers participate! By all accounts it was a highly successful event, and I was really happy everyone seemed to have a great time.

Dlv singer collage july16

The singers were terrific and we heard lots of standards, including a few examples: Night and Day; Pennies From Heaven; Cheek to Cheek; How High the Moon; A Night in Tunisia; Let’s Get Away from It All and our finale for the evening was I Got Rhythm.

Carol and band at DLV July 16 2016

We also had a swinging, 8 piece band to back up our singers. It was a total luxury to have a fabulous, four piece front line and another four piece rhythm section. The guys had a great time – they really love playing for singers!

Since this series is so popular, I will host another Singer Celebration on Saturday, August 27th, 9pm to midnight, at the DLV Lounge once again. We space each event about six weeks apart, and that’s been working well.

DLV Postcard - final resize

If you sing jazz tunes, please come to this event and sign up to sing. If you enjoy an entertaining evening with a large variety of singers, and a terrific and talented band, come out and be part of the audience.

There’s no cover charge for this event, and the DLV offers reasonably priced refreshments which makes for a cozy and fun night for all.

This PUBLIC event invitation is also available on Facebook.

Hope to see you there!

July 16th Singer Celebration at the DLV Lounge

Hi all,

We’re gearing up to have another successful Singer Celebration at the DLV Lounge, on Saturday night, July 16th, from 9pm – midnight. DLV Lounge, 300 Bloomfield Ave., Montclair, NJ.DLV Postcard - final resize

As I’ve done before, I will be the MC and lead vocalist, and I’ve invited two talented singers to be my Featured Vocalists for the evening. Stephen Santoro is a talented young man who loves to both sing the standards and play trombone too. Cliff Walston is a respected Jersey City jazz elder who sings jazz, writes his own lyrics, and is an artist too. Cliff is also a founding member of the Spirit of Life jazz ensemble.

Singers are welcome to come and sign up to sing one with the band. These events have been HUGELY popular, so I do recommend coming early to secure a seat and to get a slot on the sign up list.

And speaking of the band, we will have a killer band. Not only will we have an 8 piece (yes, 8 piece!) house band, with Nick Masters (p), Billy Carrion (b), Michael Mittelsdorf (d), Jon Boudrot (g), JJ Bell (sax), Jim Bogle (tmpt), Stephen Santoro (tmbn), Steve Johnson (tmbn) but we will ALSO have numerous guest musicians sitting in. I’m expecting other bass and drummers to show up, but my friend Chisoo Kim is planning to bring her fiddle (although she also plays bass too!) and so on…

The DLV Lounge is a cozy spot, serving a simple comfort food menu (chicken wings, shrimp and grits, fries) along with cocktails, beer and wine and an extremely friendly vibe.

Come on down, whether you sing or play or just want to hear an amazing night of entertainment.

There’s NO COVER for the show, but tips are graciously accepted.

May 7th at the DLV Lounge!

Singing at the DLV - Carol and Michael

“Carol Deminski and the Little Jazz Birds” will be playing at the DLV Lounge in Montclair, NJ on Saturday night, May 7, 2016, from 9p-12M.

Please join me and my band, including keyboard, bass, drums, trumpet and trombone … sit ins welcome! I’ll be the hostess and lead vocalist. We’ll have two featured vocalists, along with many expected guest singers. It will be FUN for participants and audience alike!

The DLV is a small club which emphasizes live jazz. They have jazz jams on Tuesday and Thursday (9-11:30p), special Latin Jazz nights, and other jazz performances. The DLV is homey and inviting, with reasonably priced drinks and a newly opened kitchen offering comfort food. DLV Lounge, 300 Bloomfield Avenue, Montclair, NJ, 07042.




Dirty Thoughts

This is a rant. You have been forewarned! 🙂

In May 2015, I was preparing to leave the country for a few months. In preparation, I bought some new clothes and accessories, and I ran around trying to figure out what to pack. I also went through my wardrobe and washed a lot of clothes, setting things aside in piles, until it came time for me to pack it all up and haul it half-way around the planet (to the Philippines.)

I did my last load of laundry in my washing machine just before I left. I thought the machine was a little cranky when it stopped, the inner stainless steel tub wasn’t moving as freely as it should have.

Then I left my apartment for months, and when I came back, it turned out that the slightly cranky inner stainless steel tub of my washing machine was in full revolt – it wouldn’t much move at all.

My local gas and electric company offers something called a “Worry Free” contract on individual appliances. You pay a little bit each month, and then if you have a problem, you call the company and they send the repairman out to fix it. If you need parts, and it’s covered under the warranty, they order them (free to me, the customer) and then install them (labor is also free.) It’s a good system, and I’ve used it for several years.

So when I returned home, in September, I had some laundry to do. I realized my machine wasn’t working and began to haul my clothes to the local laundry mat to wash. In the meantime, I called for the repairman to come and diagnose the problem so the machine could be fixed.

Well, it turns out that my machine couldn’t be fixed. It was a front loading washing machine, about 9 years old, and the outer tub and ball bearing got locked up, which is why the tub wasn’t spinning on the inside. This is, apparently, a common thing to have happen with these machines. Also, because it’s an extremely difficult part to fix (you’d need to take the entire machine apart inside a machine shop, then re-install the outer tub and the ball bearing…) it’s not covered under the warranty. And, the repairman told me, when the part is not covered, the labor to make the repair isn’t covered either.

And how much would the labor be, if I wanted to proceed with the repair anyway? Oh, about $270 AN HOUR, the repairman informed me.

Argh. No, it’s not worth it to repair a machine that’s 9 years old when the labor is $270 an hour and it would take at least 4 hours to make the repair.

Alright, I thought, then I guess I need to buy a new washing machine. I’m all for doing my best to repair appliances where possible, but this washing machine was kaput.

Off I went to Sears, Home Depot, PC Richards and a few other appliance places. Boy, was I shocked when I got there!

It turns out that in the past few years, washers and dryers are now the size of a small car!

My 750 square foot apartment has a small, 27.5 inch wide and 32 inch deep “closet” to house BOTH my washer AND dryer – one stacked on top of the other. That’s all the space I have for the machines. I can’t create more space in a 100 year old brownstone.

Appliance manufacturers aren’t interested in accommodating apartment dwellers. They want to sell “SUV sized” washers mounted atop a gigantic platform.

If you have the space for an SUV washer, good for you. And if you haven’t been out shopping for such appliances recently, you may also be in for a shock. As of January 2016, the starting price of many washing machines is at least $700 USD, but most are more than that.

And once you purchase the washer, your costs aren’t done. Then you need to pay for taxes, delivery, installation and a stacking kit.

Hmmm, wait a minute. A stacking kit. To stack my 9 year old, perfectly functioning dryer on top of the brand new washer?

NO. It turns out that you can’t do that. Maybe you could do it, but you’re not supposed to do it. Why aren’t you supposed to stack an old dryer on top of a new washer? According to people that SELL washers and dryers, it’s because the little bracket that attaches one unit to the other won’t work with non-compatible machines.

And why should I care about that? Because the new washing machines turn at least 800 RPM (and many of them spin much more rapidly than that, with the highest end machines spinning at 1400 RPM. Trust me, that’s very fast!)

The manufacturer doesn’t want to provide you with a warranty on the new machine unless it’s attached to another brand new machine that is its mate, with their blessed bracket of choice. This helps ensure that the vibrating washer doesn’t push the dryer on top right off the machine. (That can’t really happen inside my 27.5 inch wide closet, but that’s beside the point.)

Does this sound like a scam to you? It does to me!

Many of the older sales and repair people I’ve spoken to about this tell me that these new machines cost a lot more, and their expected life span is a lot less. An old machine might have lasted 10-12 years, and the new machines might last about 7. For that privilege you will pay triple the price of a better made machine produced 8-9 years ago.


It’s taken me months of research (and procrastination) to figure all this out. And at the moment, the only thing I’ve settled on is that I need to buy a new washer AND a new dryer to replace my broken washing machine.

But in looking for a new machine, 95% of what is offered is much too big for my tiny closet.

My old washer had a 2.65 cubic foot capacity, which represents the amount of clothes it can wash. If you did a search for washing machines today, you’d find most machines have over a 4 cubic foot capacity, which is great if you have room for your SUV-washer. We of the apartment dwelling tribes cannot house 4 cubic feet of washing machine (let alone the SUV dryer that can’t stack on top!)

Instead, manufacturers are making smaller machines.

To summarize: my 2.65 cubic foot washing machine broke. As a result, I need to throw away my perfectly functioning dryer. When I buy a new washer and dryer, it will wash and dry FEWER clothes. I will pay a LOT MORE MONEY for these machines than what I paid for the ones I had, and the new machines will have a SHORTER LIFESPAN of use than the machines I had!!

Yeah, that stinks!


Seeing Siem Reap, Cambodia

Woman chopping raw fish - right in the center of the Siem Reap market

Woman chopping raw fish – Siem Reap market

A Traveler’s Preamble

It’s been too long since I’ve posted on my blog, but there are good reasons for it (well, I think they’re good reasons.) Back in August, I took my trip to Bangkok, Thailand … and in the midst of that trip I took a side trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia.

After 2 days I left Cambodia and returned to Thailand … and then flew from Thailand to Manila.

Eventually I left the Philippines and headed home, to the east coast. I had barely unpacked my suitcase before I had to fly off to Europe: Zurich and Prague.

While I bounced around the world like a ping pong ball, I didn’t post to the blog. I saw that people were looking at my postings and photos, which was nice. Thanks for reading, even while I was “away.”

And now, a glimpse into my travels in Cambodia.

Siem Reap

If you’ve never heard of Siem Reap, Cambodia, then perhaps you have heard of Angkor Wat? Siem Reap is the town located adjacent to the Angkor Wat temple complex.

Angkor Wat was a life changing experience for me; I am not yet prepared to cover it in this blog post, or probably even one blog post. It’s monumental.

One incredible carved rock face five stories tall, at the Buddhist temple within Angkor Wat.

One incredible carved rock face, five stories tall, at the Buddhist temple within Angkor Wat.

Today, I wanted to share some photos from the Siem Reap market, which is in the center of the town. It’s an authentic market, with plenty of fresh food that the locals want to buy. Just on the edge of the center-most food section of the market are the many tourist stalls selling t-shirts, dried herbal tea, sterling silver wares.

Siem Reap has its own airport. There are hundreds of tourists who arrive from around Asia, Europe and North/South America everyday. It’s not surprising that Siem Reap is geared towards catering to tourists. In fact, the economy of Siem Reap runs on U.S. dollars. That’s right – when you go to change your money in Cambodia, you’ll be changing whatever money you have (Euro’s, for example) into USD. Surprise!

A woman lights a candle to prevent insects from landing on the food. Siem Reap, Cambodia

A woman lights a candle to prevent insects from landing on the food. Siem Reap, Cambodia

And I would venture to comment that “seeing” Siem Reap is not like seeing what the rest of Cambodia is like. Being shuttled around in one of several hundred tuk-tuk’s from a comfortable hotel to a restaurant probably isn’t the normal course of events for Cambodian’s who live there.

Getting around town in a Tuk Tuk

Getting around town in a Tuk Tuk


Chickens - Siem Reap Market

Chickens – Siem Reap Market

Still, I don’t regret one second I spent in the country, seeing Angkor Wat and spending a little time in the town center.

Fruit - Siem Reap Market

Fruit on display – Siem Reap Market


Cambodian Street Food - check out the teeth on those fish in the lower right part of the photo!

Cambodian Street Food – check out the teeth on those fish in the lower right part of the photo!


The inviting entrance to a local restaurant where I had lunch...

The inviting entrance to a local restaurant where I had lunch…


A Visit to Bangkok, Part 3: Wat Pho Temple

If I had to choose the one place in Bangkok that I found most inspiring and alluring, it would have to be Wat Pho.

The head of an immense reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

The head of an immense reclining Buddha at Wat Pho

Wat Pho is a Buddhist temple complex in the same neighborhood as the Grand Palace. As a tourist, I was directed to take the SkyTrain to the pier where the tourist boats go up the river. I took the tourist boat twice.

Travel Tip 1: You can either purchase an all-day pass on the river boat for 150 baht, or if you are really heading to one destination and plan to get off the river once you arrive, ask for the one-stop ticket. Then you’ll only pay 40 baht.

Travel Tip 2: Women are not permitted into temples unless they’re covered. You can’t wear anything above the ankle. A pair of light weight slacks and a tee shirt that covers your shoulders and the top of your arm, is fine. If you aren’t wearing the right clothing, you’ll have to “rent” a wrap which you’ll tie around your waist and will cover you to your ankles.

When you get off the tourist boat, you have to walk through a make-shift bazaar building that is on the pier. There are a bunch of vendors selling a variety of souvenirs. Once you exit the bazaar, you come out into an area where there are street vendors selling food and drinks.

A young man selling freshly made pomegranate juice near Wat Pho.

A young man selling freshly made pomegranate juice near Wat Pho.


Good Good Good Papaya Salad. 40 baht is about $1 US dollar.

Good Good Good Papaya Salad. 40 baht is about $1 US dollar.


A woman looks over her choices of grilled meats at a street vendor's stall

A woman looks over her choices of grilled meats at a street vendor’s stall


But once inside the temple complex, your eye is drawn to the ornate and intricately tiled buildings that adorn the large tract of land that composes the complex.

The architecture of Wat Pho

The architecture of Wat Pho


When you are not looking at the amazing architecture, there are many wonderful places where you can stop and rest.

The man made waterfall and koi pond is delightful

The man made waterfall and koi pond is delightful


I only saw one monk while I was there, which surprised me

I only saw one monk while I was there, which surprised me


For some reason, the majority of people I saw at Wat Pho were tourists and not monks. I only saw one monk while I was there, and he walked so quickly across the courtyard I could barely snap a photo of him as he passed me.

Within one of the courtyards, I found...

Within one of the courtyards, I found…


You can take many hours to explore this wonderful site because there are so many nested courtyards, each with their own set of sculptures, or alters with flowers, or perhaps you’ll see a line of buddhas sitting and meditating. It’s all beautiful and peaceful.

A charming monk figure sits nestled in some greenery

A charming monk figure sits nestled in some greenery


Beautiful handmade flower alter

Beautiful handmade flower alter


Flower Alter detail

Flower Alter detail


My advice to anyone visiting Wat Pho:

  • bring water
  • dress appropriately
  • don’t rush
  • allow the serene nature of this place to inspire you
  • investigate courtyards and other out of the way spots
A mythological creature stands watch over one of the temples

A mythological creature stands watch over one of the temples


A moment of peaceful solitude

A moment of peaceful solitude

A Visit to Bangkok, Part One: Chatachak Weekend Market

A line of serene buddhas sit in contemplation at the Wat Pho temple in the heart of Bangkok

A line of serene buddhas sit in contemplation at the Wat Pho temple in the heart of Bangkok


I must begin with this note:

I began writing this post after I returned from my trip to Bangkok, which was BEFORE the bombings occurred in the city. I’m deeply saddened by the news that whoever bombed center city Bangkok was intending to target tourists and locals, in an attempt to damage the tourism that Thailand enjoys.

Tourism is a major point of economic support for the country. If you are thinking of taking a trip to Thailand, I think you should proceed. I wouldn’t hesitate to go back to Bangkok.


It’s been a long time since I wrote a blog post. Just after my last posting, I took a 10 day trip from Manila to Bangkok, Thailand … with a mini-trip to Siem Reap (Angkor Wat) Cambodia embedded with the main trip.

One of the many incredible faces carved into the sides of the Buddhist temple within the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia

One of the many incredible faces carved into the sides of the Buddhist temple within the Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia

Since arriving in Manila back in June, I’d only ventured to Hong Kong for a brief weekend. So a planned 10 day trip to Bangkok was very exciting for me, since I have not seen much of Southeast Asia and Manila is “too close” to these places not to have some “local” adventures.

I had never been to Thailand, and I was anxious to go. I had heard so many wonderful things about Bangkok, but I also heard scary things too about pickpockets. It turns out that, just like any big city in any country around the world, you DO need to have your wits about you. You need to pay attention to your surroundings, and you need to go to normally reasonable lengths to protect your belongings. But if you do, I honestly don’t think the vast majority of tourists would have a problem.

I had no issues in Bangkok with safety, and I roamed around many neighborhoods in the day and evening, and I also went to densely packed locations with tourists like the Chatachak Weekend Market and loved it.

In this post, I will focus on some of my experiences at the market.

If you go on Sunday in the middle of the day, be prepared for large crowds at Chatachak Weekend Market!

If you go on Sunday in the middle of the day, be prepared for large crowds at Chatachak Weekend Market!


If it's made in Thailand, chances are you will see if for sale at the Chatachak Weekend Market.

If it’s made in Thailand, chances are you will see if for sale at the Chatachak Weekend Market.


Everybody comes out to shop.

Everybody comes out to shop.


Chatachak Weekend Market was a major highlight of my trip to Bangkok. If you are in town on a Saturday or Sunday, I strongly suggest you plan to spend a minimum of 2 hours walking the market, although you could spend much more time than that.

It’s very easy to get to… just take the SkyTrain to the Mo Chit exit, then when you walk down the stairs of the SkyTrain (follow the signs directing you towards the “Chatachak” exit) walk alongside Chatachak Park. You can follow the crowds because that’s where everyone else is going too.

This is one place where I would be more careful with your belongings because the crowds are very dense and inside the market “hallways” it’s a tight squeeze. Also, if you don’t look like a local, you automatically look like a tourist… so try not to be obvious about where you keep your money, phone and camera. If you’re snapping tons of photos with your camera and not attending to your wallet, well, that’s not a good idea.

I had no problems whatsoever both times I went to the market, and I spent hours walking around each time. I kept a small, zipped purse with a short, strong strap clamped under my arm … but my larger canvas bag with my purchases I didn’t feel concerned about since I doubted anybody who was there to pick-pocket wanted to steal the incense or t-shirts I was buying! All of the photos I took, I used my cell phone camera (that includes all my photos, I don’t have a separate camera with me on this trip) and that worked well because I could quickly snap my shot, and slip my phone back into my purse and zip it back up.

Most of the vendors were so nice! They love to haggle with customers over the prices, and if you are a good customer, you will haggle (a little bit) with the merchant. If they are asking 100 baht for something, offer them 60 baht, then they will say they’ll give it to you (special!) for 80 baht, and you can settle for 75 baht and everyone is happy. Once you have concluded your purchase, it is customary to say thank you, and bow a little bit with your hands clasped in front of you. If you do this, the merchants will truly love you, because it shows you respect the local culture.

When I haggled with this soap vendor, she was so charming! She got excited when she found out I was an American from New York City, USA, and traveling alone no less! She insisted we take our picture together. It was a terrific experience!

When I haggled with this soap vendor, she was so charming! She got excited when she found out I was an American from New York City, USA, and traveling alone no less! She insisted we take our picture together. It was a terrific experience!


I will be writing more posts about my experiences in Bangkok, but I want to emphasize how wonderful the city is and how welcoming and helpful most (not all, especially cab drivers, but most!) people are that you come in contact with in the city.

More to come soon!